6to4 IPv6 Address

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IPv6 Address Type: 6to4
Prefix: 2002::/16
Local Routeable: Yes
Global Routeable: Yes
Global Unique: Yes
Example: 2002:cb0a:3cdd:1::1
IPv4 Equivalent: No equivalent
Described in: rfc3056
Cisco Routing IPv6 over IPv4
version6.net on 6to4

A 6to4 gateway adds its IPv4 address to this 2002::/16, creating a unique /48 prefix. As the IPv4 address of the gateway router is used to compose the IPv6 prefix, it is possible to reverse the process and identify the IPv4 address, which can then be looked up in the relevant RIR’s Whois database.

You can do this on the following webpage: http://www.potaroo.net/cgi-bin/ipv6addr