CCNA Explorer 2 The Routing Table: A Closer Look

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The Route Table
Static, Connected and Dynamic Routes

Level 1 Routes

Level 1 Routes - Classful, default or Supernet Route
Level 1 Routes - Next-hop (IP or interface)

An ultimate route is a route that includes:

  • either a next-hop IP address (another path)
  • and/or an exit interface

Level 2 Routes

Parent and Child Route
Level 1 and Level 2 Routes in Routetable
VLSM - Variable Length Subnet Masking Level 2 Routes
Route to - longest match
Test from left to Right
Route to - longest match

Classless and classful routing behaviors are

Classless and classful routing behaviors are not the same as classless and classful routing protocols.

Vis klasseløs routing
Dropping packet