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ICMPv6 is described in several RFC's is crucial for IPv6 day-to-day operations.

ICMP uses IPv6 protokol - or next header - 58 and builds on the IPv4 ICMP implementation. Several new message Types are defined in IPv6 for example Stateless Autoconfiguration.
  • ICMP type field: The type of ICMP packet - for example Ping
  • ICMP Code field: Codefield used by ICMP Type
  • Checksum field: Checksum that cover all of the ICMP message.
  • ICMP data field: The Data that connects to the ICMP Type.

ICMP Types

Examples of ICMPv6 Types
Message Type Type of message definition
Destination Unreachable 1 Error The IP address or port is not active in the Destination host
Packet Too Big 2 Error The Packet is larger than the MTU of the outgoing link
Time Exceeded 3 Error Hop-Linit Reached zero. The packet is discarded
Echo Request 128 Informational A Ping packet
Echo Reply 129 Informational A reply on a Ping packet

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