Teredo IPv6 Address

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IPv6 Address Type: Teredo
Prefix: 2001:0000::/32
Local Routeable: Yes
Global Routeable: Yes
Global Unique: Yes
Example: 2001:0000:4136:e378:8000:63bf:3fff:fdd2
IPv4 Equivalent: No equivalent
Described in: rfc4380

This is a mapped address allowing IPv6 tunneling through IPv4 NATs. The address is formed using the Teredo prefix, the server’s unique IPv4 address, flags describing the type of NAT, the obfuscated client port and the client IPv4 address, which is probably a private address. It is possible to reverse the process and identify the IPv4 address of the relay server, which can then be looked up in the relevant RIR’s Whois database.

A Teredo tunnel is created on the Node that needs IPv6 connectivity through IPv4. Teredo works behind NAT/IPv4 because Teredo uses UDP/IPv4, which most NATs can forward properly.

Teredo was developed by Microsoft and there are several public Public Teredo Relay servers

Teredo Example